Why offset printing?

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Offset Printing has several advantages. Number one is image quality and the ability to run custom inks. More on that in “pantone” area. The second advantage to offset printing is that it can support a wide range of print impressions. Although not always realistic for runs less than 250 sheets, it excels at almost any quantity above that minimum order.

One reason for this is setup. Offset print jobs require additional setup when compared to digital printing. Because of this, cost per unit decreases with quantity more rapidly than it does for digital printing.

There is a unique look and feel to offset printing, especially when combined with the right paper. The way that an uncoated paper looks with Pantone printed inks is like nothing else. The ink does not sit on top of the paper, but rather becomes part of the paper, sinking in and taking on the texture of the sheet. Offset printing has roots in the pre-digital age, but has adapted and survived in an all-digital age because of superior quality and aesthetic.

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